Metallic Wall Paint

Metallic wall paint can be a great way to add color and style to your house. Metallic wall paint comes in a variety of different formulas for use in different parts of your home. Some metallic wall paint can be used to create different effects like textures and aging. When choosing paint colors for your home, it is important to consider things like style, convenience, and durability.

Metallic Wall Paint

Metallic Wall Paint

Like metallic car paint, the reflective effect of metallic paint is caused by millions of tiny metal particles. Each particle shines and reflects the light, making an eye-catching statement wherever you use it.

When choosing your metallic paint colors, be sure to consider where they will be used, and how best to draw the room together. Consider doing accents in a classic color like silver or gold, and then using metallic spray paint on lamps and candle holders to make them match. Avoid painting entire walls in highly reflective colors, and consider where the morning and late afternoon sun will shine through your windows. There is a big difference between eye-catching and blinding.

The right type of finish is important for the right room. Certain paints are more durable than others, and can better stand up to scrubbing and abuse. You don’t want to use a delicate paint in your kitchen or that part of the entryway where everyone kicks off their shoes. Metallic wall paint usually has a glossy finish that is extremely durable and also easy to clean. Unfortunately you probably don’t want to paint your child’s entire room in metallic orange, because the metallic finish will highlight any flaws in the walls just like it highlights all the details of a vehicle body. Instead, save the metallic finish for trim, doorways, and accents.

One of the best things about metallic wall paint is the number of different ways it can be used. There are a variety of ways to add an aged patina to metallic paint, and make it look like venerable old copper rather than shiny new metal. You can use sea sponges or special brushes to add metallic paint over a non-metallic base color for texture and depth. Aged gold metallic paint with cream paint can create a classic French Provencal look, especially when used in places like the edges of cabinet doors.

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