Metallic Spray Paint

Metallic spray paint can be a great way to finish a project and attract attention. The reflective coating helps draw the eye and gives some extra impact to signs, school presentations, and anything you want people to really see. Metallic car paint is actually used to help show off the details of a vehicle, and you can get the same effect on your project with metallic paint.

Metallic Spray Paint

Metallic Spray Paint

Spray paint is a wonderful way to cover almost anything. This type of paint is nontoxic when it dries, so it can be used on furniture and in areas where children and pets play. There are many metallic paint colors available, so you can dress up the play house, picnic table, or dog kennel in a fun and exciting new way. Bright colors like blues and reds can be used sparingly or even generously if you really want to make a statement.

Metallic spray paint is an excellent way to make signs stand out. Whether you are advertising a car wash, garage sale, or your place of business, metallic paint will draw attention wherever you place it. Metallic lettering can sometimes be difficult to read, so consider covering your entire sign in metallic spray paint and then doing the lettering in a contrasting color.

Remember, the more metallic paint you use on your sign, the more people will really see it. Loud colors like purples and reds work best with white lettering, while black lettering is more visible on silver and gold backgrounds. For a fast and easy sign, start with white poster board and use masking tape or painters tape to form the letters. Coat the entire sheet with one or more bright metallic spray paint colors, and then peel the tape off when it is dry to reveal the white lettering.

The one place to avoid using metallic spray paint is indoors, especially in areas that don’t have good ventilation. Since spray paint cans shoot out particles of paint, it can be difficult to make sure you don’t get unwanted color in an enclosed space. Your best bet is to use cardboard or plastic sheeting to protect the area behind and under your project, and to paint outside. If weather or space does not permit you to use spray paint outdoors, try to set up a couple of fans in the windows to help pull fresh air in and blow fumes out.

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