Metallic Paint Colors

For adding sparkle to any project, you can find a wide variety of metallic paint colors. Metallic paint has the advantage of not looking like paint. No matter which metallic paint colors you choose for your project, they will reflect light and attract the eye in a way that glossy or flat finishes do not. From home décor to sparkling vehicle finishes, metallic paint can be used almost anywhere.

Metallic Paint Colors

Metallic Paint Colors

Why does metallic paint have that special sparkle? It’s because metallic paint colors don’t just look like metal, they are metal. The paint contains millions of tiny metal particles, and each particle is shiny and reflective. Metallic paint is also referred to as “polychromatic paint.” Metallic car paint helps show the body details of a vehicle, and comes standard on many models today. Metallic wall paint is becoming more popular as homeowners look for ways to dress up their living spaces.

How do you find the right metallic paint colors for your project? That really depends on your goals. If you are looking to add color and style to a room, you may want to avoid covering walls with loud metallic paint colors like red and purple. Accents and trim in traditional metallic colors like gold, silver, and bronze can add style and class to a room without becoming overwhelming.

Before choosing paint colors, be sure to consider how the room is lit, and how the reflective paint with interact with both natural and artificial light. The last thing you want to do is put a metallic accent in just the right place to reflect the afternoon sun into your eyes, or onto your computer or television screen. A little observation and advance planning can prevent painting disasters.

What kind of paint do you need for your project? Spray paint can be a fast way to finish a job, but it is best suited for outdoor use. School projects and signs can benefit from those loud purples and reds more than the inside of your home, and metallic spray paint is ideal for these jobs. Inside your home it is best to find the right kind of paint for the right room. Some types of paints and finishes are more durable and scrubbable than others, and lend themselves well to kitchens and areas that gather fingerprints and marks.

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