Metallic Car Paint

Metallic car paint can be a great way to add to the resale value of your vehicle. These days metallic paint is almost standard on many vehicles. Like metallic spray paint and metallic wall paint, the effect is created through millions of tiny bits of metal mixed into the paint color. Though tiny, each piece is shiny enough to reflect light and create that sparkly look.

Metallic Car Paint

Metallic Car Paint

The metallic paint of today is much more durable than in the past, when cars painted this way used to fade over time. There were several other issues with metallic paint that have also been resolved since this finish became more common. Today it can be difficult to find a new car that does not have metallic paint.

Metallic car paint is also known as metal flake paint or polychromatic paint. Older vehicles with their original finishes may still suffer from many of the issues that once plagued metallic paint. Before metallic finish became common, a wide variety of metallic paint colors and shades were used. This means that older vehicles may have paint that is hard to match when doing touch-ups and repairs. Some of the early metallic finishes were known to fade over time, and may become more prone to damage from sunlight. Often the best solution for these issues is to have the entire vehicles repainted in a modern and easy to match color.

Today it can be difficult to find a new car in non-metallic paint colors. Many manufacturers only offer non-metallic vehicles in white, black, or red. At the same time, metallic paint can be an expensive option that dealers use to drive up the base price of a vehicle. That said, metallic paint usually increases the retail value of the car, so it is a worthwhile option even if it does cost a bit more.

Metallic paint is not any more difficult to repair or maintain than non-metallic paint, but try to avoid candy or flamboyant finishes. These are nearly impossible to repair after damage. Another option similar to metallic paint is pearlescent paint that changes colors dramatically depending on the angle the paint is viewed at. Pearlescent finish is beautiful, but significantly more expensive than metallic paint.

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