Metallic Paint

Metallic paint is a kind of paint that is used on the majority of automobiles because compared to a non-metallic paint, the contours of a car’s body becomes more obvious. When buying a new vehicle, many manufacturers charge a premium for the option of having a metallic paint job done on the car. The small metal flakes in the paint also create a sparkling effect, making it look metallic.

Metallic Paint

Metallic Paint

Another option is if you purchase a car that has a non-metallic paint job, you can use a metallic spray paint to paint over the current paint job. Metallic paint has also been used in interior design. Metallic wall paint uses stone mica, which is non-toxic and lightweight but looks metallic in nature. Paint containing mica is used for paint jobs where a metallic tint to the wall is desired. Due to the metallic paint’s material, mica, there is a large base of different colors to choose from. Mica is pliable and able to impersonate different colors so the colors available range from shades of red to gold.

Metallic paint has a long history with its development. Metallic paint was developed with metals such as copper for gold paint and aluminum for silver colors. The downside to that was the weight of the metal. Over time, the metal would sink due to its weight and the paint would become separated from the metal. Xylene was added to the paint so it would be the same weight as the metal, so no separation would occur. Xylene is very toxic and is a hazard due to a high risk of respiratory issues.

Over time it was discovered that metal degrades over time, especially when exposed to air, thus the paint would lose its luster. People developing metallic paint decided to look elsewhere for a material that was non-toxic and had luster. That is when mica was introduced and the rest is history.

Buyers who are interested in metallic paint should look for ones that have non-toxic ingredients. One disadvantage metallic paint has is it might be difficult to find another paint that matches the current paint job if some patchwork is needed. Paint that is metallic in nature doesn’t give more protection than non-metallic paint, it is mainly for looks. One of the main reasons for having a paint job that gives a metallic luster is the beauty it provides with its sheen.

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